Improve Your Eyesight Naturally With Jake Steiner

Course Correcting

So what’s the answer to reversing this trend in myopia? (14:30)

“I’d go broke if I tried to open a vision correcting business, because I’d just tell you to go outside more. I’d tell you to focus on greater distances.”

Hanging an eye chart on the wall of your home and using it often will help you gauge your progress.

  • Eye sight worsens by watching any screens up close.
  • Buying lower-power glasses forces your eye muscles to work a little harder and get stronger.
    • Reducing the power every 3-4 months on your reading glasses will eventually get the eyes strong enough to not need glasses at all.

While Jake’s recommendations are generally based on anecdotal evidence, he believes there are enough personal success stories to support his own research. (19:30)  His own experience is motivation to share what he has learned through countless hours of research and testing.

Back it Up

Ok.  So where does the average computer and phone addicted person start?

“The idea is to give your eyes a little bit of a challenge,” says Jake.  (25:45) “If you can see at 30 inches, try moving back an extra inch.”

Be sure to adjust your body to make sure you’re ergonomically comfortable each time you move back.

  • 3 hours max is the time we should be spending in front of a screen.
    • Take a solid break in between screen sessions…long enough for your eyes to see distance vision activity.

“I lived in Myanmar, and there are a lot of goat herders there.  Those dudes can see stuff I need binoculars for. If you need that kind of vision, it’s going to be a commitment, just like body-building.” (28:00)

Most of Jake’s clients understand that prevention is the answer to optimal health.  They are among the wholistic crowd who try to avoid jumping straight into pharmaceuticals.

“Think of strengthening your eyesight as a challenge, not a struggle,” says Jake.

Just like all good things, good eyesight takes practice and time.

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