Improving the Quality of Your Sleep With Devin Burke

Devin Burke helps high achievers and exhausted insomniacs get and stay asleep so they can wake up with more peace, power and presence. He a bestselling author, speaker, renowned sleep coach and founder of Sleep Science Academy which helps people stop suffering and start sleeping using a unique holistic approach based in science.

He was named one of the “Top 25 Health Coaches in America.” and has studied innovative holistic coaching methods from some of the world’s top health and human performance experts for over a decade. As a speaker and coach, he has inspired thousands of people to open their eyes to what is possible through creating new sleep, health and performance habits and routines.

The Common Sleep Issue

68% of people have some type of sleep issue. and unfortunately it’s getting worse. The primary issue that most people have is insomnia. There’s anywhere between 40 and 50 million American adults that have trouble either getting to sleep or staying asleep. 

More and more people are having trouble knowing how to calm their mind and body and allow their body to do what it’s been designed to do, which is to simply sleep.

It’s a big problem and there aren’t many good solutions out there for people, which is why I’m so passionate about getting my message out to help people. 

How Devin Got Interested in the Science of Sleep?

About 5 years ago I was working with a lot of high performing entrepreneurs and someone that I was working with had issues with his sleep. He asked me, “What do you know about sleep?” Up to that point I was totally ignorant and knew nothing about it. I told him that I didn’t know anything but to give me a week to dive in and explore the topic.

During that week, I started to understand how important sleep was and how big of a problem it was. With that, I realized that there was a huge opportunity to serve a lot of people there.

For me, it got really exciting to unpack and pursue because it was an area that I had never previously thought about.

Once I was able to help him, I thought to myself, if I can help one person, what if I can help thousands of people with this? 

Now I’ve been able to help people all over the US and the world solve their sleep problems.

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Why Sleep is So Important

A great night’s sleep relies on what you do starting as soon as you wake up in the morning. Everything you do throughout your entire day dictates whether or not you’re going to be able to get a good night’s rest.

Things like, how we manage our days, our stress, our thoughts, our beliefs, what we eat, what we decide not to eat, when we eat, sunlight, connection with others, mental health,  sleeping environment. There’s a lot to it but it’s also really simple with a little guidance.

Beds and Mattresses

When we’re talking about beds and mattresses, it really depends on what you value. If you value having a mattress that doesn’t put off gas chemicals, then you’re a certain customer. If you value the different high tech adjustment features then that would be a completely different customer. 

Then from there, you’d want to figure out how much you want to spend.

Get a mattress that supports your needs and wants. If you have allergies, make sure it’s hypoallergenic. 

The best mattress for someone else might not be the best for you, so you really have to dig and figure out what fits you well.

Devin Burke’s Top Tips

My expertise has really been in the psychology of sleep and really thinking through how we think. I often see that people are looking for a physical tangible solution to their sleep challenges but more times than not the solution is actually between their ears. 

It’s so critical that you separate your day from your night. Most people take their day into their night and then wonder why they can’t sleep. Having a night bumper: an end to your day and a start to your night is so important. 

A huge piece to it all is acceptance. When you learn to have acceptance you can start to let go of all of the other “stuff”. 

UPDATE. This issue of acceptance is likely a bigger piece to the sleep puzzle than people realize. It certainly was for me! As a matter of fact, I overcame years of insomnia using radical acceptance and a Zen teaching… it would require q whole new blog post to explain, but you can listen in as I explain the method in detail here:

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Common Mistakes

Your bed is for two things: sleep and sex. Nothing else. Not work, not for having difficult conversations with your partner, not eating, etc.

Our bodies and minds anchor places with certain activities and feelings. When people spend more time in bed awake, they’re training their mind and body to be awake when it’s time to sleep in their bed.

Another thing is that people take naps. For somebody that doesn’t have sleep issues, naps are incredible. But for people who have sleep issues should not nap because it lowers sleep pressure. 

People have no idea how much time they’re wasting looking for solutions and how much quality of life good sleep can bring. That investment is so important to the improvement of your life.

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