Level Up Your Health With Nootropics With Eric Levi

Choose Your Method

“Some people don’t do well with capsules…They can cause digestive issues. People with acid reflux and heartburn (GERD) can’t properly break down their food and supplements, and they’re not getting the nutrition they need that way.”

  • Dry herbs can be made into tinctures.
  • Teas are a great alternative to capsules when ingesting nootropics.
  • Creatine can cause stomach cramps and prevent deep sleep, but personal experience varies.

Consider Cholinergics

“The Cholinergics are great for memory, great for focus–one of the most popular nootropics out there,” says Erik. (38:15)

There are several types available:

Mind Lab ProQuality of the MindAlpha Brain, and Thesis Nootropics  are independent companies offering  cholinated blends online and in-person.

Thesis Nootropics offers a short survey to personalize the nootropics for each individual’s needs.

Products are offered as “Focus Stack”, “Memory Stack”, and “Calm Stack”, allowing consumers to choose their preferred product.

Nootropics for All

“The misunderstanding is that nootropics are a trendy thing for the younger bio-hacking crowd, but the people that sometimes get the most benefit out of nootropics are those older people who struggle with cognitive decline.  Parkinson’s, diabetes, and even autoimmune diseases can be improved.”

Breathing, sleep, and aging problems have also been found to improve after taking nootropics.

Spermadine and methylene blue are nootropics that increase energy by boosting mitochondrial output.

  • Alzheimer’s is also called “Type 3 Diabetes” because inferior sugar processing in the body causes symptoms in both diseases.
  • NAC and Chromium help with regulation of blood sugars in the body.

“Testing for heavy metals in the blood like aluminum specifically, is really important.  Metals are at the heart of a lot of these plaques in the brain that cause Alzheimer’s.” We have tons of aluminum exposure alone through our food cans, soda cans, drink bottles and vehicles. Is it any wonder many of us are experiencing brain and emotional issues?

  • Lead and mercury exposure through paint, chemicals, vaccines and cleaning products are an ongoing problem.
    • Testing hair strands of an individual can help diagnose metal exposure (46:45).
    • Even healthy foods are placed in aluminum or tin cans, which makes them significantly less healthy.
    • Testing will expose what should and shouldn’t be in the body.

Western medicine is better at diagnosing health issues, but is often a poor resource for treatment.

Ultimately, we will all have health issues…even the greatest triathletes and marathoners in the world will find themselves visiting orthopedic doctors, oncologists, and psychiatrists. That’s the world we live in.  Our bodies are like a custom home:  Eventually the roof leaks, the hinges need WD-40, and the paint fades.  Nootropics are like new electric wiring, or a new furnace and cooling system that make the rest of the home seem a little more livable.

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