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“Yes, yes yes! My advice to anyone are these words, you can do it!”  – Jimmy Duggan.

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In this episode we explore the ins and outs, realities and challenges of losing 20 pounds in 20 days. First of all, let’s discuss the health considerations.
Is rapid weight loss safe? According to the Mayo clinic, losing weight too fast has the following risks:
1. Extraordinary efforts may work temporarily but not lead to the lifestyle changes necessary to keep it off.
2. When you lose weight too quickly, you may lose water weight or even lean tissue, but keep the fat.But, even their own program specifies that an initiation phase to jump start weight loss is perfectly normal, in their case 6-10 pounds in the first two weeks is considered normal.
TAKEAWAY: Losing weight quickly for a short period of time is doable and safe, but make sure it’s the beginning of healthy lifestyle changes that will keep the weight off and improve your health and wellness afterwards.

Additional warnings can be found at livestrong.com:
1. The starvation response. Your body has a hormone called Leptin that regulates appetite, metabolism and fat burning. If Leptin levels drop too quickly during rapid weight loss, the body will actually use lean tissue for energy, and hold onto the fat. Also studies show people who lose weight this way are more likely to put it back on.2. Low calorie diets run the risk of running too low in essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. 2.

TAKEAWAYS: Make sure you choose a diet that includes healthy foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables, such as our “Modernized Guide to the Pounds and Inches Diet” found here. Plus make sure you are taking your supplements.

But, according to health and weight loss expert Jillian Michaels, quote:

“Some people say that “healthy” weight loss means losing one to two pounds per week. So if you’re losing more – or less – than that, are you doing something wrong?

The Truth: There is no such thing as “losing weight too fast.” As long as you’re consuming a healthy amount of calories by eating nutritious foods and exercising more, you’ll lose weight at an appropriate speed for your body.”

It’s not the speed at which you lose weight that matters, it’s the method. I’ve had success after success of taking more than 100 pounds off people, and they’ve kept it off for years. It’s the way you lose the weight that is the most crucial part! If you’ve lost weight through exercise and clean eating — it shouldn’t be a problem for you to maintain your weight loss.

Lastly, an excellent article on rapid weight loss on web md points out the good and bad of rapid weight loss. Takeaways:

Extreme diets like “water and lemon juice only” or other extreme juicing diets etc. are a bad idea. Problems like gallstones, dehydration, malnutrition, and electroylyte imbalances are common.

But obesity has it’s own dangers. Quote: “Rapid weight loss diets can have ill effects, but so does obesity. For this reason, very low-calorie diets (VLCDs) are considered a reasonable weight loss option for people with obesity

They also advise not doing a VLCD for more than 4 months. 4.

-Shoot for rapid weight loss safely, but don’t get hung up on the numbers. If you lose 20 pounds in 20 days, wonderful. But if it takes a month to 6 weeks, is that really so bad? Focus on the behavior, not the result!

-Choose a low calorie diet of 800 or 1200 calories, depending on your lifestyle, activity level, and personal comfort.

-Read my book Formula 7! To prepare yourself to keep the weight off when done!

Use Pounds and Inches Drops with Chromium GTF to aid the weight loss, appetite suppression, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

-Take vitamin and mineral supplements during the weight loss phase.

Jimmy Duggan insider tips:

MEAL PREPPING AT START OF WEEK: Weighing out a week’s portions of protein (Chicken, fish and Beef). Additionally stocking up on all vegetables, salad and fruit needed for the week.

-have 4 or 5 days worth of weighed out protein in the freezer so it’s always right there if needed.

COOKING 3 DAYS WORTH OF PROTEIN AND VEG : Most important to have meals ready to heat so having at least 3 days worth is essential especially in first 2 weeks

WATER in Abundance throughout the day. DON’T run out of water if possible. Any hunger pangs are usually helped greatly by drinking water, so essential to have it close at ALL times

EXERCISE is a must even if it is just walking when possible. This helps greatly with getting the body to move the food through system on a regular basis and is really good for the mind in my opinion. Moderate exercise may be OK, but intense exercise not recommended during rapid weight loss phase.

SLEEP: Hugely important to get as much sleep as possible. I’ve found that by going to bed earlier and at closely the same time each night, helps to eradicate hunger in the evening and of course helps the mind greatly also

Melatonin Inhaler! https://cclsupplements.com/products/ccl-sleep

FRUIT in the evening. I found it a great benefit to have an apple or an orange to eat after dinner at night and helped greatly if hunger pangs occurred late in evening.

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