17 pounds weight loss in 21 days

Dave Hall recently decided he wanted to lose weight, and fast. Listen in as we learn how he lost 17 pounds in 21 days! Tons of great ideas on weight loss, lifestyle changes, and breaking old, stubborn habits.

How to lose 17 pounds in 21 days, a case study with Dave Hall.
Dave’s story. How he put on the weight since getting married, and what motivated him to take it off. How a trip to Peru and a hike of Machu Picchu kicked his butt and motivated him to lose some pounds.
Intro continued: He bought 2 bottles of Pounds and Inches Drops and “roughly” followed the instructions at poundsandinchesdrops.com to lose it.***Use discount code: health to get 15% off your order of Pounds and Inches Drops, click here to check them out.***

6:00 Gotta love Dave’s wife who says she’s just in love with the first 160 pounds of him. You have to admit, that’s pretty funny.

8:15 What he’s doing for diet. Close to what we have on poundsandinches.com, roughly the 1200 option.

8:46 He’s done really well at eliminating white foods like bread, cereal and sugar.

9:30 The importance of calorie reduction during a rapid weightless diet.

10:00 How the Pounds and Inches drops support the diet, not the other way round.

11:20 Dave’s vice: 3 to a 12 pack of Mountain Dew every day for 30 years. Cutting out Mountain Dew was a huge lifestyle change. He went cold turkey.

12:47 One of the keys to Dave’s weight loss was listening to audio books about health. One audio book scared the hell out of him about soda, and helped him go cold turkey. The Obesity Code, by Dr. Jason Fung. Listening to this book during a long drive helped Dave immensely in losing the weight.

13:45 The fallacy of the food pyramid and popular philosophies of health.

14:00 The power of thoughts over things, and listening to good and positive podcasts and books to improve your life.

17:50 How Dave struggled at first with the diet, and a sugar addiction. Preparing and planning for snacks was key, and learning to enjoy water to drink.

18:50 On caffeine. He expected severe headaches etc. but didn’t have any symptoms or withdrawals that he was expecting. Let’s just give credit to the Pounds and Inches Drops for that 😉

20:00 How the weight came off. Quick at first, 2 to 3 pounds a day at first. When it slowed down he did a fast to break the plateau. Video on Amazon Prime: The Science of Fasting. It’s a Russian and German produced show, that blew his mind. He did a 3 day fast. It was crazy how easy it actually was. He dropped 3-4 pounds during that time and broke the plateau.

22:54 After the plateau he was almost done with his 1st bottle and had 3 back to back out of state business trips so he took a break for a few weeks, but was able to keep the weight off.
To keep it off he tried to keep carbs low and eat healthy meats and vegetables.

24:30 Dave’s plan to lose the next 20 pounds. Same as before, Pounds and Inches Drops, 1200 calorie diet, and a fast during to break a plateau.

25:20 How he deals with restaurant eating while on the road. Portion sizes are a huge part of it. Restaurants serve too much food. At Wendy’s he gets the hamburger in a lettuce wrap. He focused on staying away from refined grains and sugars.

27:00 The principle of “good enough.” He’s not trying to be a perfectionist with condiments etc.

28:00 To lose weight moving forward he will use the Pounds and Inches Drops, a B12 spray, and a vitamin D&K spray.

28:30 How people in the Orient went from 1% diabetes rates to 13% after they introduced soda etc. into their culture.

30:40 How many calories a day? Dave is doing about 1000 a day during the low calorie phase.

31:30 Web MD recommends a low calorie diet of 800-1200 calories for up to 16 weeks but no more.

33:00 The power of eating slowly and mindfully. Dave found himself savoring each bite more when eating smaller meals, and not crashing in the afternoon after a big lunch.

34:25 More on the 3 day fast. He drank only water and felt great during it. Every time he felt hungry he would drink a big glass of water and feel satisfied. The chemo therapy rat experiment.
In Russia, people go to health clinics for extended fasts. Many people go there once a year for 3 weeks and have mind blowing health benefits.

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