Love, Peace & Vegetables: Recipes for Conscious Living with Marcela Benson

Are you ready for a new perspective on health that has been around for centuries?

It’s time to compare all of the notes you’ve been taking from the latest You Tube videos and all those health podcasts you’ve been listening to. Compare those to an old school of thought born in the Far East. You just might find that the old ways had it right all along!

The Vedas

Marcela Benson has learned from many sources over the past few decades. Ever since she was a little girl in Argentina, she has found truth in religion, science, and even from a few random viewpoints on the internet. All have some truths to add to the health narrative…some more than others!

Take the Vedas, for instance. Written over 3,500 years ago, these ancient records include poetry, history, and ritual instruction for those wanting to become “whole.”  They became the basic scripture in the Hindu cultures, and add to the modern ideas about longevity and quality of life.  (4:45)

Veda teachings include nutrition, herbology, and natural medicine in the form of ancient hymns, which were passed down from generation to generation originally, but finally recorded in about 1500 BC.Hindu cultures include Veda ideas in their religious observances, festivals, and ceremonies to this day. Some modern-day physicians in India combine the Vedic traditions with modern science with great success.

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Marcela’s “Why”

Raised in Argentina, Marcela’s father was chronically ill with Type 2 diabetes during her childhood. She saw his open sores and poor eyesight as a reflection of his poor eating habits from his Syrian upbringing. She noticed that plastics and poor cooking oils and heavy meat-eating were slowly killing people all over the world.  (11:00)

Watching her father’s health deteriorate encouraged her to incorporate all of her food selections as a form of medicine for her body.

Body types definitely determine which foods are better than others for each individual, says Marcela.

Mesomorphs:  This body type is athletic, muscular, but not suited for long-distance running.
Ectomorphs: This body type consists of longer, taller, and skinnier body frames which are ideal for running and jumping (think basketball players).
Endomorphs: Those with this type of frame are large-boned, stockier, and have a higher % of body fat commonly.  Slower metabolisms are common here.

While the Veda doesn’t name these body types in the same way (and there are many more!), this body-typing system has been important in determining dietary choices.

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Love, Peace and Vegetables

While Marcela’s book sounds like it came right out of the 1960’s Woodstock crowd, it is actually a comprehensive encyclopedia of “nutrition, poetry, inspiration, and wisdom.”  (25:30)
It is a personal history of some sorts, born of Marcela’s journey to her current level of spiritual and physical joy.

Here are a few concepts or “truths” she has discovered:

  • It is only by living a life consistent with our core beliefs that we can find joy and peace.
  • Organic and wild foods, preferably raw, are much healthier than prepared foods, or cooked ones.
  • Having to flee from one country to another has brought a sense of self-sufficiency and clarity to her belief system.”As you upgrade your life with love and not with judgement, you upgrade everybody else’s life as well.” (29:15)

The Vegan Way

“I eat mostly live food, which means it is uncooked. Cooked foods are not as powerful as live or raw foods,”  but past generations have determined the equation of who we are, and the culture of our eating traditions.
  • While cooked food is easier to digest than raw foods, it is not usually as healthy. Nutrients can be greatly reduced from heat and especially by microwaves.
  • Simply eating “sugar free” or “fat free” doesn’t translate into healthy eating.
  • Hydration and minerals are basic to health.  Start here when you begin to change your eating style.

Meditation Nets

“I started meditation when I was 15.  Most people have a hard time just sitting and meditating because they have such busy minds, but now there are apps, and videos to help us learn how to disconnect from the artificial net of things and come back into the natural net of things.” (40:00)

We are all incredible creations of a higher source.  We need to connect with that source.

  • Routines guide our whole day!  If you don’t have one, you need one.
  • Exercising in the morning, followed by meditation is ideal for jumpstarting the perfect day.
  • Ending each day in prayer is vital.  Showing gratitude invites more blessings and improves our character.  “A righteous man is grateful at least 100 times a day.”Marcela loves a more feminine style of meditation called the “Kabbalist,” which encourages comfort while meditating.  Who wouldn’t love that? It focuses on breathing and gratitude, and 5-12 minutes per day works when you’re short on time.

Marcela’s positive outlook is what our world needs more of, no matter what culture we come from.
“Our birthright is happiness and peace,” and we need to do our part to inherit these gifts each day!

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