Men’s Health With Dr. Judson Brandeis, MD

Dr. Judson Brandeis has made it his mission to improve mens lives as they age. In this blog we discuss, longevity, his top tips for nutrition and exercise, looking great as you age, testosterone and overall men’s health. Dr. Judson Brandeis is an award winning urologist and sexual medicine expert, clinical researcher, physician educator, and a caring clinician and surgeon. Today he specializes in the emerging field of sexual health and medicine and is the author of The 21st Century Man: Advice from 50 Top Doctors and Men’s Health Experts to Help You Feel Great, Look Good and Have Better Sex.


I’m interested in health-span, not just lifespan. How long can you live a good life?

Whether we like it or not, men’s health in this country is a catastrophe. 100 years ago men lived one year less than women. Now men live 5 years less than women. What happened in the last 5 years? Even before covid, the longevity of men compared to 15 years ago is actually declining because of opioids, suicide and alcoholism. This is a really serious thing.

Men are half as likely to go to their primary care doctor as women are.

We do maintenance on our cars. Every 3,000 or 5,000 miles you change the oil as soon as that light goes on. Though, a light goes on in our bodies and we just ignore it – all these warning signs.

One warning sign that almost no one understands is morning erections. When you’re 20 you wake up every morning with one but then you hit 40 or 50 and all of a sudden you’re not getting morning erections anymore. How come? That’s the first warning sign of cardiovascular disease. The loss of morning erections proceeds the development of erectile dysfunction by about 10 years and erectile dysfunction proceeds the development of cardiovascular disease, heartaches, strokes – big problems in your heart by about 10 years. You’ve got a 20 year warning sign that things aren’t going well. If you ignore it, then you’ve missed critical information that your circulation isn’t what it needs to be.

Top Tips on Nutrition and Exercise

The top two things to prevent almost anything is eating well and being active, preventing heart disease, cancer, mental health problems.

For the average guy who wants to build muscle and be healthy, I have a protocol mentioned in my book. I provide a roadmap for my patients but the biggest thing that will get them to their goal is determination. In my book, I have nutritionists and super high qualified people who spend all of their days talking to people about weight loss etc.

There isn’t one aspect of men’s health for the ages between 35 – 85 that’s not mentioned in this book. Of those aspects, mental health and relationship health are most important. The number 1 most important factor in the quality of a man’s health and life is the quality of their relationships over all the physical elements. You can’t really address a man’s health unless you address his relationships.

Most of us don’t do the basic stuff that we really know. If you don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, don’t overeat, exercise everyday, do some meditation, do some stretching, you’ve got 90% or more of what you need to do and all of that’s free. The problem is, we live in the real world and there are stresses, media, and influences, and sometimes it gets really hard to do the things we know that we need to do. Don’t get caught up in other peoples’ journeys. Get caught up in your own journey.

Think about it like this. The first heart attack is usually the last for a quarter of men because the first sign of cardiovascular disease in a quarter of men is sudden death. In the human body, an ounce of prevention is really worth pounds and pounds of cure.

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Looking Good as You Age

There is so much low hanging fruit in this area. There are things like botox or disport or hydro facials. These things can literally take 2-10 years off of your appearance.

I even have chapters on shampoo, conditioner, shaving, skincare.

The book is filled with advice and tools from guys just like you who care that you take care of yourself.

Why Gratitude is Mentioned in the Book

This book is a journey. You start off in the hero’s journey chapter and the end of the book it’s almost like looking back. At the end of the day you have to look back and be thankful for all of the people who helped you get where you are. None of us do this alone.

Another part of the book my business mentor talks about is legacy. What do you want to leave to people? Are you just a consumer or are you going to leave something good?

Who have you been inspired by, what are you going to leave and the very last chapter is about my own hero’s journey. This book is part of me giving back to all the people that supported me, and all my patients, and all my professors. I’m giving everything that I know and my circle of colleagues and friends know about men’s health, to help men in our society live a better, more healthy, more complete life.

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