Exploring Natural Solutions for Diabetes with Dr. John Burd

Ask yourself: What disease and its side effects killed more people than Covid 19, cancer, and heart disease over the past decade? The answer may surprise you. Dr. John Burd is laser-focused on the startling direction our western diet is leading us to: Diabetes.

An Overwhelming Problem

“Almost 50% of the adult population around the world has either pre-diabetes or diabetes,” laments Dr. Burg. (2:50).  “Type 1 is an auto-immune disease, and Type 2 is a lifestyle disease.  You can thank the government, big-pharma, the food industry, and the medical profession for keeping everybody obese, diabetic, hooked on multiple drugs, and sick.  It’s really a pathetic situation, and I’m here to try and help it.”

As a best-selling author and CEO of Lysulin, Dr. Burg’s diabetes management company,  this medical innovator has devoted his medical career to getting the truth about this overflowing disease to the world.

The Status Quo

We are part of a system that makes it hard to be healthy (6:00):

*Thanks to the food processing industry, we are hooked on sugar as western nations
*High fructose sugar is an inexorable part of our food, and is “the devil’s work” in our bodies
*The 1980’s food pyramid encouraged carbs as the foundation of the American Diet

“The government keeps publishing the same stupid food pyramid year after year after year, in spite of so much data showing how bad that diet is for everyone. Carbs and sugars must be reduced in order to alleviate diabetes.” (7:30)

A Large and Growing Problem…Literally

Trending upwards each year with the availability and prevalence of precessed foods, the diabetes numbers are staggering. “Upwards of 25 million people in the United States alone have Type 2 Diabetes, with many hundreds of millions more around the world.” Dr. Burg used the Eskimo culture as a case in point: “Eskimos used to eat fat and meat–they didn’t eat wheat and corn, and they had no diabetes.  Now that they have McDonalds and the Western Diet, they have diabetes as bad or worse than anybody. This is a clue that diet is the best medicine.”*Even traditionally healthy cultures are adopting the Western Diet and showing profound increases in Type 1 and 2 Diabetes.
*The United States spends 300-400 Billion a year on diabetes and its complications, and it kills more people than Covid 19 “by a long shot.” *People die every 15 minutes from one of the complications of Diabetes.”
The FDA and insurance companies are two of the biggest roadblocks to innovation, and make it difficult to obtain home testing kits for diabetes.” Dr. Burg attests to the fact that home tests would profoundly change the direction this disease is taking.  Knowledge is power when it comes to our health. (10:55)

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The Importance of Diet

It’s really hard to avoid carbohydrates.  You go to the grocery store, and it’s all carbohydrate…potatoes, pastas…you just have to do the best you can when looking for healthy options,”  So what’s the answer?  (15:00) *Focus on proteins:  Eggs, fish, beef, chicken, and vegetables and fruits that have the fewest carbs.
Food is truly the best medicine—The Romans knew this was the answer to health and long life. Aim for a more “Keto” approach to eating: Keep carbs low and use the Glycemic Index online for carb and sugar data on common foods.
“The best thing you can do for your health is watch what you eat.”  Easier said than done, right?

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Lysulin to the Rescue

“Lysulin is the only formulation that targets the cause of insulin resistance in Type 2 Diabetes,” Dr. Burg purports.  Glucose toxicity is causing us to become insulin resistant, “But we need glucose for energy we use every day–it’s really a poison.  We are poisoning ourselves with carbohydrates and glucose.” (12:30)

Dr. Burg explains that glucose is a chemically reactive molecule that reacts with all of the proteins in your body–in your eyes, your nerve endings, kidneys and blood vessels.  “It causes all these complications,” such as blindness, poor circulation, kidney failure, cardiovascular issues, stroke, ulcers,  artery disease, sexual dysfunction, and lesser issues such as gum disease and limb deformities.  It’s easy to see why the side effects of obesity and its companion Diabetes are a major cause of death in the world. (13:10)

Benefits of Lysulin:

  • Lysulin is an amino acid formula which absorbs excess glucose in the kidneys and bloodstream
  • Reduces the damage caused by glucose and other sugars
  • Can be taken in tablet, chewable, or drink mix form, working with your current diet
  • Recent data has shown Lysulin to be effective in reducing symptoms of Diabetes in 60-70% of
    those in the study, reducing A1C numbers substantially. (25:45)

The Medical Malady

“Doctors love to write prescriptions.   You’ll find a few types of doctors–naturopaths, and some homeopaths, and osteopaths that do like to use supplements.  They work.
If you look at some of the drugs that have been approved by the FDA, their side-effects are horrific.”  (29:30) One of the side-effects of the commonly used injectable insulin products prescribed by doctors is, for instance, genital gangrene…not exactly what you were asking for when looking for diabetes help.
“Lysulin works for 60-70% of people who use it.  It doesn’t happen immediately, like insulin, to lower blood sugar.  It will take about a month to build up in your blood.  A1C will improve, and a lot of people are able to get off their other medications like Metforma, which also causes gastric issues.”

In today’s health-conscious world, people are looking for healthier, more natural ways of treating diseases.  It only seems logical to encourage treatments like Lysulin, which go to the source of the problem…the body’s inability to respond to glucose levels.Dr. Burg is committed to helping all of us become our healthiest, longest-living selves, and he is doing it by embracing the natural offerings the world has to offer.

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