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Let’s face it, some non-conventional cancer treatment centers come across as a little weird or sketchy. But when you hear what Dr. Tom Incledon and his colleagues are doing at Causenta Wellness, you will find that his solutions are practical, common sense… and they are WORKING for thousands of people.
Dr. Incledon, world-renowned expert in human health and performance, is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Causenta Wellness, where he’s pioneering a new data-based approach to cancer treatment that combines “traditional” and non-conventional practices.

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Learn more about Dr. Incledon and his amazing work here. Causenta Wellness.

Dr. Incledon recommends that the best supplements to take are a good multi, minerals, omegas, probiotics, and an antioxidant. As luck would have it, we have high quality forms of all of the above!

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High quality Multivitamin
High bioavailable mineral supplement
Omegas (from a natural source)
Antioxidant (According to Webmd, Glutathione is the “Mother of all Antioxidants.

On Strength as it relates to non-conventional cancer treatments

Dr. Tom Incledon has brought what he learned as a competitive strength athlete to the cancer treatment world… with amazing results. Here’s a few tidbits about Dr. Incledon:

Dr. Tom was on a team that was able to get average women stronger than average men.

He also worked on a project that people thought was impossible, to get people over 100 years old to add muscle.

Also got people with terminal cancer stronger than many healthy people.

And from the “just for fun” department, Dr. Incledon did some crazy cool weight lifting feats, including:

Set a national record where he got a 200 pound axle over his head and pressed it 21 times!

Cancer centers exercise

Ran with 275 pounds in each hand, 60 feet in 10.5 seconds… in the rain.

Squatted 350 pounds in the crook of his elbows.

Deadlifted a truck 17 times.

Deadlifted 945 3 times.

Squatted 765.

This may seem unrelated to cancer treatment, but what Dr. Incledon found is that those people who deal with cancer do better if they are fighters, if they are competitive.

He also found that fitness is a critic

al element that is largely over-looked in the cancer treatment world.

Nutritional Tips for Preventing Cancer

There just is NO “one size fits all” diet. So focus on VARIETY. Lots of colors. Eat the colors of the rainbow!

Lots of fruits and veggies, you get the idea.

Take the right supplements!supplements
High quality Multivitamin
High bioavailable mineral supplement
Omegas (from a natural source)
Antioxidant (According to Webmd, Glutathione is the “Mother of all Antioxidants.

Food for thought about cancer treatment

A good question: When did it become OK to let somebody suffer?

We are not helping people by lowering our standards, we are putting people in prison.

Cancer is one part of you. It doesn’t define you.

Everyone leaves here stronger and faster than when they came in, everyone has more muscle.

We have had patients with cancer gain 40 pounds of muscle, and then there’s no sign of cancer in their body.

You don’t see people dying here, you see them laughing.

It’s clear as day that every single cancer center in the world needs to step up their exercise game.

Every major cancer center in the world has a pathetic exercise program.

Questions that matter: what will you do to help me beat the cancer in my body? If they already have an entire treatment program before they know your name we know that won’t work.
What will you do when it doesn’t work?

Most centers don’t have a plan B for you.

Mental health is the most untapped cancer treatment in healthcare.

Factors that help people through this journey are more mental and behavioral than medical.

It’s clear as day that people who have a reason to be here do significantly better than those who have doubt.

Marie tried 3 other cancer treatment centers for her cancer. But it took Causenta Wellness methods to kill the tumor.

Important preventative measures we can take to lower our odds of getting cancer

Dysfunctional sleep, too much sitting, too much television, these are contributors to all disease, not just cancer.

Ask yourself, how do I make sure I move enough?

Top exercises people aren’t doing that they should. Every morning and evening they can do high pay off drills.
Dr. Cobb, at Z Health, has some great training and info, learn more here:

Some simple exercises you can incorporate into your existing workout regimen that make a surprising difference in yoru physiology: Shoulder circles, hip circles, ankle circles. When you do circular motions all the  muscle fibers get involved.

It turns out that doing simple exercises on one side have a reciprocal effect on the other side of the body. Hip motions on one side can help the shoulder on the opposite side.

Exercise quality is more important than quantity.

Mental Health Is The Most Untapped Cancer Treatment in Healthcare – Recovering and strengthening mental health has proven to be an essential (yet overlooked) tool in fighting cancer. Dr. Incledon believes the recovery of cancer patients can be significantly improved if their mental health is given as much (if not more) consideration as their physical.

Women take action faster than men. Women that are married, put pressure on your husband to get a physical!Most people look at health care as an expense, but it’s an asset.

If you don’t take care of your health, sooner or later other people end up taking care of it.

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