All Things Peloton: The Revolutionary & Life-Changing Exercise Experience with Crystal O’Keefe

What comes to mind when you hear the word, “Peloton”? Exclusive? Pricey? Obsession? Cultish? Too Hard For Me?

You’re not alone. Crystal O’Keefe had never run more than a mile in her entire life when she stumbled across a Peloton FaceBook ad back in 2016. Spin classes were really taking off, and Crystal loved the idea of being able to train at home year-round.

“I made a deal with my husband, that if our home sold for asking price, I could get a Peloton bike for our new home.”

Crystal could hardly believe it when within a few days, she got exactly what she wished for.

No More Excuses

Most people don’t realize that selling your home is not a prerequisite to becoming fit. The prices on Peloton bikes themselves have come down in recent years, and monthly access to training videos and workouts are on par with gym memberships. Peloton has even expanded into a wide range of non-biking workouts, which are discussed below.

*No need to fuss over clothes or makeup when you can work out at home.

*Watch a movie, read a book, or download an app while exercising.

*Peloton instruction can be done online while you work out, and gives that energy boost that comes from a group session.

*Cycling has been shown to be one of the best workouts for reducing fat and adding muscle.

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Spin Class Butt-Kicking

Dave tells a story of his Physical Therapist who is an avid cyclist. At one point, he and his wife made it a goal to climb Mt. Timpanogos, the 11,800 foot tall mountain just east of Utah Valley near Sundance Ski Resort. Surprisingly, his PT lost muscle and gained fat during their preparation for the adventure (8 miles up, 8 miles down). He has since returned to his biking routine and rediscovered the physical benefit of cycling.

*Peloton offers all levels of workouts, from beginner to professional.

*Power Zone Training is a newer workout added to train triathletes.

*Endurance and recovery workouts remind cyclists to manage the intensity of their rides to avoid stress on their bodies.

*A typical Peloton enthusiast rides 3-4 times per week and weight trains on the off days.

The Peloton Cult

Like Cross-Fit and Orange Theory, there is a whole list of jargon words and phrases unique to Peloton: “Magic Pants,” “PR,” “Your Class Stack” and more are just a few of the insider lingos.

In less than a year after starting classes, Crystal was hooked and began her podcast journey.

*There are currently over 150,000 FB members on the Peloton site.

*Crystal interviews contributors on social media sites all-things Peloton.

“Clip-Out is our sub-community of Peloton, the larger community. When you come across someone with a Peloton T-shirt, you immediately see them as a kindred spirit.”

Why Peloton?

“Peloton is so much more than a bike now. It has a treadmill, and they’re coming out with a rower soon. They have strength training, boot camps, shadow boxing, Pilates, Barre, Prenatal Classes, Yoga, and even meditation.” (14:30)

*For $45/month, you have access to all of the classes, even if you only have one piece of equipment.

*Another option includes downloading the app for $12.99/month if you don’t have access to Peloton equipment.

*Social media brings a large gathering of supportive Peloton “cult members,” all cheering one another on and celebrating accomplishments.

The Cost of Being Fit

So what does it cost to get involved in this biking craze? Your budget needs to allow for about $1500 to $2500, depending on the bells and whistles you can afford.

*Peloton wants to become more affordable as time goes on, including members from all walks of life.

*Maximizing the $45/month membership starts with trying a class with each instructor. “Usually you’ll find 2 or 3 that you really mesh with,” says Crystal.

*All-For-One classes happen each year on the 4th of July and highlight each instructor onstage.

*”LaneBreak” is a new cycling game similar to Guitar Hero, but it’s on the bike. The faster you pedal, the more rewards you can earn. Sounds fun, and exhausting. (21:15)

*Earning “Blue Dots” for consistent workouts can be achieved by taking yoga, Barre, or Pilates classes on the App. It’s like a sticker chart for grownups.

You Never Know Until You Try

Who doesn’t love a little competition? One of the many strengths of the Peloton craze is that it constantly challenges its users to get stronger.

*The Peloton screen on your bike or treadmill keeps you updated on your progress while posting a leaderboard to keep you motivated. Track your own progress while you keep an eye on how you’re doing compared to the other class members. (26:00)

*While the upward trajectory of the success of Peloton has leveled out a bit since the end of lock-downs, the owners and users have never been as excited as they are today about keeping the momentum going.

*”Democratized Fitness,” or fitness for all, is the mantra at Peloton. Affordability allows more users to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

“Even if you’re a road cyclist, or a person who does Cross-Fit, don’t assume Peloton is not for you. I have met so many road cyclists in Peloton that have encouraged me to ride outside as well. Be open-minded and try new things, and not assume that just because you’ve always done things a certain way that it’s the best way to do it.”

Nutrition is Always an Important Puzzle Piece

“All my life, I had struggled with my weight. When I found Peloton, that was the first time I had ever asked myself, What else can I do? I began participating in events, which I had never thought about doing before. And through my podcast, we found MetPro, which taught me about “reverse dieting.”

*Reverse Dieting is the proven idea that you can increase your metabolism by gradually eating more calories each day, especially when your lifestyle is physically and emotionally demanding.

*Typically, our bodies will slow down metabolically as we reduce calories as a natural preservation response.

Crystal is living proof that when you combine a great workout with the science of nutrition, all the pieces fall into place. And you don’t have to be a podcaster or triathlete to make it happen!

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