Power of Quantum Health and Crypto with Dr. Jack Kruse

Dr. Jack Kruse is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Congress of Neurological Surgeons and Age Management Medicine Group.  He has helped pioneer a totally new medical field, Quantum Mitochondrial Health, which has allowed him to help tens of thousands of patients and members to reverse chronic diseases and achieve optimal health.

Building on his deep medical expertise, he has also built a vibrant community dedicated to helping people build critical thinking skills and to be able to see the world as it really is, challenging the myths and false conventional wisdom that prop up our health system, our financial system, our media and our governments.

What prompted you to be a neurosurgeon? 


When I was really really young I fell off a table and split my chin open. I was only 4 years old at the time but the doctor didn’t even have to give me local anesethetic because I was so fascinated by what he was doing.  


That’s when I turned around and said to my mother, “I think I’m going to do this.” Unlike most kids, it was pretty much the only thing I ever really wanted to do my entire life. 


Long story short, I went through all the schooling and became a neurosurgeon. After about 10 years I started to realize all the things I was taught in allopathic medicine were not coming to fruition for many of my patients and they were hitting brick walls. 


At that moment I realized I needed to start asking better questions to help my patients. 

Dr. Jack Kruse’s Personal Journey With Quantum Health

I also had a moment within myself at the time too where I had gained a lot of weight after my residency and I couldn’t understand why. The standard answer back then was eat less and exercise more. I did that and ended up gaining 30 more pounds. 


I realized that we devolved in a decentralized network called nature yet none of us live in a decentralized network anymore because the tech world has brought us inside away from nature. Some of the things that our brain allows us to do…Our brain allows us to break laws that are universal. Those are quantum mechanical laws and it turns out that leptin works in a quantum mechanical fashion, utilizing light and dark. 


When I started to apply these things, it magically worked on me and started working on all my other patients. And I realized that the focus of circatium biology was really about mitochondria medicine and not RNA and DNA that’s found inside the nucleus. That’s what I was originally taught to believe in my residency medical school. 


The curriculum for medical school for about 120 years has acted like an algorithm does on social media. 


Our beliefs of medicine has given us the perceptions that we have. We haven’t been designed to cure people. We’re designed to make them customers so that we can continue to write prescriptions.

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How Jack Kruse got into Bitcoin?

It was a really easy jump to go from biology to Bitcoin because Bitcoin is the only decentralized network that’s man made. When I realized what the benefit was of Bitcoin: fundamentally decentralized and scarce, I began to start to see how the pieces in Biology made sense with it and then I realized this was the answer to help many of the physicians out that were locked into this centralized system, to get out. 


I became the lion that broke out of the cave and decided to go back in the cave and try to educate the others to get them out of the cave and to break free of the healthcare complex tied to insurance companies that’s actually making them trade time for money and while they make that trade, it actually harms their biology.


Ultimately you have to make the decision how important time, freedom and security is for you. Never trade security for freedom or for time.


My best tool in sabotaging the system turned out to be Bitcoin. When I got Bitcoin I found out I could take a wrecking ball to centralized medicine. The problem was that I had to teach other people about Bitcoin and make sure that they understood it the way that I do.

How Bitcoin and Biology Are Related

The way that I’ve come to Bitcoin is like no other person you know because most people have come to it on the financial side. I came to it from the allopathic medicine side but I realized the whole deal with medicine really was an economic war against doctors. Most biologic disease is also an economic war. 


I used to only be able to spend about 15 minutes with a patient about a life altering operation and now I’m able to sit down and spend 2-3 hours with the same patient. Patients have been conditioned to the medicine system. 

How many people in the U.S do you think have Bitcoin right now?


Right now there’s approximately 150-170 million people worldwide that own Bitcoin. In the United States we believe the number is 60 million people.


Anything outside of Bitcoin is not nature and I I think nature is the best for our health. 

How to Look at Bitcoin?


Since the beginning of COVID, Bitcoin has had a 12X increase. Nothing else has had that impact. 


Bitcoin has shrunk space and time for you to have unbelievable wealth, and it creates freedom. 


It has been around for 12 years and has a compound annual growth rate of over 200%. You name the asset and nothing trumps Bitcoin in 20 years. Not Amazon, not Apple, not even close. 


If you would have taken the first government stimulus check and used it on Bitcoin you would now have $12,000.


Really, money is a technology where you take the value of what you produce in your life and the time, and you actually get to transport it over time so you can use it at a later date. So really, money is a technology.


When you began to understand money in that way, you began to say, man if I can transport time to later in my life that means that I can start focusing on the healthy things in my life instead of living in a city where it costs me a fortune to live. I can start making my life simpler and go to the beach everyday. 


When you make the right choice on time, the money always follows. That’s the code of Bitcoin and when you understand that, that’s when you realize this is the reason why I should be putting my $400. Maybe I could put even more in. 


Where to Start 


The single, number 1 thing you can do to save your biologic time, increase your health span, is go see the sunrise every. Single. Day the rest of your life. Why? Because it sets the circadian mechanism in your eye and in your brain which buys you time.


The second thing you need to do in your financial life is to buy bitcoin today.


A journey of 1,000 miles always starts with 1 step and that’s where you can start.


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