Practical Biohacking with Gil Blander, Chief Science Office of Inside Tracker

Let’s face it.  The clock is ticking a little faster for a lot of us who are over 40.  Our hair is thinning, our middles are widening, and the wrinkles are popping up like unwanted spam and gas prices.  And like the latter, there’s not a darn thing we can do about it.  Or is there?

The Origins

Dr. Gil Blander, originally from far across the ocean in Israel, has been contemplating the aging conundrum for decades –even before he was a teenager.

“I have been working on this problem ever since a loved one of mine passed away when I was 12 years old,” confessed Dr. Blander.  His focus began to emerge out of a sense of compassionate fury…He clearly recognized his own immortality and that of all of his loved ones.  “What could I do to help everyone live a longer life? And how can I help learn how to delay the aging process?” were the thoughts running through his young mind. (5:15)

A Combined Effort

Dr. Blander recognized early on that fighting the aging process was a goal better accomplished with a great team of like-minded scientists. Educated early on in Israel, and later in the U.S., he found doctors and scientists who shared this common goal. (6:20)

  • Dr. Blander’s team has analyzed thousands of blood samples since 2009 in an effort to form correct protocols in treating their patients
  • Both general and specific treatments have been shown to help aging patients from all walks of life

The 80/20 Rule

The “80/20” rule has become the standard objective for those who want to avoid the majority of diseases that tend to emerge in later life, and improve the chance of uneventful aging. (8:00)

“We focus on healthy habits 80% of the time,”  leaving a little room for mistakes and mayhem once in a while. Nobody’s perfect.

In order to optimize your body and live longer, a mostly vegan diet, exercise in moderation, and getting enough sleep are crucial to good health, says Dr. Blander.


“Definitely, we are eating too much food, and it is just too accessible in our society now.”

Dr. Blander also supports intermittent fasting as a helpful lifestyle choice, with the 16/8 hour approach–16 hour fast with an 8 hour eating window.

Unhealthy Habits

On the other hand, unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits have to be adjusted 80% of the time in order to promote our bodies to age optimally. (11:00)

  • Many people are low in Vitamin D, iron, and B12’s and don’t even realize it
  • Menstruating women typically are low in iron, which causes fatigue, cold hands and feet, dizziness and unusual cravings
  • Absorption of B12 and other vitamins and minerals becomes more difficult as we age, and supplements are usually required to get the correct levels each day
  • Low testosterone levels in men are common in today’s world, and can be helped
  • Inflammation causes an increase in every age-related symptom (15:30) and can be significantly resolved through diet, hydration and lifestyle adjustments

Some inflammation is necessary and acts as a protective response to injury and infection. But if it becomes chronic and uncontrolled, the body’s vital processes are damaged…hormonal, pulmonary and even our ability to move freely.  And don’t forget, cancer loves inflammatory environments.

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BioMarker Flags and Aging

“Once you make sure these basics are in place, then we can take a look at the body in a wholistic way by looking at biomarkers in the blood.  That will help us understand how to fix the problems and optimize your body.”  How do we do that?

Dr. Blander’s successful app, Inside Tracker, has the jump on pinpointing thousands of biomarkers.

Once the “red flags” are addressed, a customized plan of attack is designed for each participant. (16:25)

  • Changes in lifestyle and diet are prescribed for immediate and long-term benefit
  • Blood tests include analysis–What do I do with this information?
  • Personal physicians are welcome to analyze individual data for a “second opinion”
  • Action items are recommended by Dr. Blander’s team, from most important to least
  • A simple finger prick or full in-person evaluation can be arranged in the Inside Tracker program

“If you are a Type-A person, we can even add more information,”–it all depends on how much water from the firehose you want to drink. “There are over 4,000 different Biomarkers determined from each test process,” and Dr. Blander’s team is not in the business of selling supplements.  They just make recommendations based on the data.  Good to know there’s no conflict of interest. (21:00)

“We give you a lot of options–where to eat, how much to eat, how many times a week…We give you a lot of information to incorporate into your lifestyle to allow you to optimize your body.”

The Food Choice Paradox

Strangely enough, the average human eats a menu of about 20 different options on any given week.  Considering that there are about 8,000 different choices we could make, this limiting behavior closes the door on healthier options.

Communities living longer lives typically eat a light meat diet, but also don’t eat as many calories as typical western cultures do.

  • Meat should not be eaten every day, but everyone needs to find their own balance.
    • People who eat less meat show healthier biomarkers on their tests with

In The End…

Want to know the basics about your health?  See your doctor once a year for a check-up.

Want to know more than you ever imagined about your body and how to help it thrive?  Check out the Inside Tracker app!

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