Quantum Health with Meredith Oke, Founder of Quantum Health TV

Meredith Oke is a leader in the quantum health revolution, light therapy advocate and mother. Meredith is the co-founder of QuantumHealth.TV, the world’s first video streaming channel focused on decentralizing health education, where medical experts break down the emerging science of circadian health and quantum biology. Through Quantum Health TV, she is helping people suffering from chronic illness by providing accessible information that is years ahead of what most doctors and naturopaths are currently practicing. Meredith has lived and worked on 3 continents helping clients from all over the world to improve their lives by changing their beliefs and habits.

How did you get to where you are now?

I started this journey as somebody who was just trying to feel better. I had chronic fatigue and I had 3 children, one of them with continuous digestion issues.

I was confronted, year after year, with the idea that if you just micromanaged your food well enough and eliminated the right things then your issues would be resolved. Though, cooking is not something I enjoy so I eventually hit a wall. I got to thinking that there must be something besides just food and supplements, and I came to the realization that light is just as important, if not more important than nutrition.

After a lot of hard work and research, my husband and I came up with this educational platform to help people learn about light and health easily.

What happened once you started to implement these new changes?

We started to organize our lives more around the sun and even the members of my family who thought they didn’t have any issues with their health started to feel better. This schedule became the basis for how we lived.

There’s a great app called “D Minder” and it geolocates you, telling you what the sun is doing based on where you are in that moment. One of the many productions of the sun is vitamin D but you don’t get that all year round when you’re at a high latitude so this app tells you when you’re in the vitamin D window of the day.

There was a time where the app told me my next vitamin D window would be in 144 days so now during those times in the winter, we try to schedule a trip somewhere warm to help our levels. We went to Mexico for 2 weeks and had my children watch the sunrise every morning. One of the things watching the sunrise does is turn your brain on for the day and preconditions your skin so you end up with a natural SPF. On that trip we did an experiment where I didn’t put any sunblock on the children and I said when you get that feeling that you might be getting a sunburn, go in the shade. We did that the entire trip and no one burned. Though, please keep in mind that we gradually increased our skin’s tolerance to the sun by watching the sunrise every morning and didn’t just immediately go out in the noon sun.

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How do you recommend for people who work inside all day under artificial light be able to follow the schedule of the sun?

Going outside first thing in the morning, periodically during the day and blocking artificial light at night regulates everything including dopamine and serotonin. If you’re living an indoor lifestyle, or you don’t have access to the outside, or you look at your phone first thing in the morning and last thing before bed, you’ve short circuited your ability to produce the hormones that keep you sane and happy.

We recently moved to a house that faces east on a hill so I’ve been getting more morning sun light I’ve ever got before in my life. When that light hits my life I literally feel a physical tingling that makes me feel alive and awake, that does not happen when we’re inside. If you live a life completely disconnected from that it will short circuit the brain’s ability to self regulate and to feel good and connect.


During the day, you don’t need to block all blue light during the day – you want to sort of have the environment to be as close to the sun as possible.

Once the sun set in nature if you want to be an absolute purest, the only light you would see after the sunset would come from a fire. Though, if anything, the most important thing is to go outside regularly throughout the day. Any opportunity you have to be outside, take it. Even if you can’t get outside, open a window so the sun can hit your eyes without being filtered.

You want your environment to imitate the outside light as much as possible, so when it’s bright out, you actually do want it to be bright inside but as the light dims out, you want the inside light to imitate that.

I do not think it’s possible to be healthy in the modern world without being a strong advocate and researcher of your own health. You cannot just go with the flow. If you continue to do what you’re doing now, where are you going to be? Where are you going to end up?

Life Changing Moment for Meredith Oke

I used to have chronic fatigue and I think what most women do is we have this thought in our head that is something like, “Oh, it’s not that bad.”

I had a friend who had to go through chemo and she was telling me that she couldn’t schedule too many things in her day because she would need to lay down frequently and that’s exactly how I’d been living my life for years, thinking it was normal. Her saying that made me realize how serious and not normal my fatigue was.

That moment allowed me to take my health a lot more serious and make a change.


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