Restoring Your Health Through Detoxing, Gut Health & Mindset with Steve Q Wiltshire

“What are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of?”

This is the question mild-mannered Steve Wiltshire asked himself after blazing his own entrepreneurial trail and bucking the family “athletic code.”

Episode 199: Steve Wiltshire

“I didn’t want to follow my dad and brothers into Semi-Pro sports,” Steve recalls. “My dad used to tease me that he got the wrong baby at the hospital. I never responded to the pressure of athletics.”

Ironically, Steve found his niche in business competitiveness at age 19, training hard in the game of leveraging services and manpower.

At a particularly vulnerable moment at a seminar, Steve was forced to ask himself, “What are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of?” The answer was simple: I hated my body.

“People matter more than things”

This self -introspective moment led to two decades of mental, spiritual, and physical refinement culminating in patterns of behavior Steve swears by today.

Afraid that he was driving his employees and family members away, Steve’s high standards and anxiety levels brought him to new levels of awareness. He had to make some changes or lose the people he cared about most.

Steve’s faith and daily meditation practice led to a transformation he could have never dreamed of. Top that off with the generational cancer struggle of his best friend, and his own autoimmune battle, Steve found himself in a position of forced learning.

Trial and Error Led to a Strong Foundation

A huge proponent of meditation, Steve describes his practice as deep focus on a particular word or idea, such as “grounded” or “gratitude.”. This allows him to come to a spiritual center. Guided meditation has been a favorite of Steve’s journey, utilizing You Tube channels such as Abraham Hicks.

Enjoy the journey, stay in the process. I will eventually arrive at my ideal outcome. When I go South of my commitments, I will re-commit. -Steve Q WiltshireBut spiritual and emotional health is closely connected to our physical health. The gut seems to have a mind of it’s own. “Children with frequent stomach aches are usually struggling emotionally,” says Steve. Adult gut issues also tend to track back to stress and anxiety in many cases. Steve points out that since March of 2020 there has been a 36% increase in use of medications for depression and anxiety, not to mention an incredible increase in suicide rates. This is an alarming trend that needs to be addressed.

As a huge fan of Naturopathic medicine, Steve utilizes a combination of both traditional and natural ways of treating health issues. As a professional body builder, he has had experience in both methods.

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“This is Your Grace Period”

One evening while having dinner with his son, Steve noticed something was not quite right. His stomach began to feel bloated and inflamed, and he remembered feeling like he needed to go to the hospital. After undergoing several tests, his traditional and Naturopathic doctors found conflicting results. Steve was told by his physician that the blood tests were normal. “This is bad news,” Steve thought to himself. Through experience with his friend’s cancer and other client’s health issues, Steve had learned that “when your blood work comes back negative, but you know something is wrong, you are in the midst of manifesting a disease. This is your Grace Period.”

Steve explained this crucial time as your chance to reverse the disease. His naturopathic doctor guided him through the diagnosis of Ciliac disease, which Steve gives unwanted credit to his extreme diets and toxic supplements common to his weight training regime. As still a young man of 44, this was a shock to his whole lifestyle.

You Control Your Own Life as You Control Your Environment

Steve pointed out that your habits and your environment are closely associated. For instance, Steve mentioned his struggle with alcohol consumption when he placed himself in an environment of venues that promoted this activity. “You have to listen to your inner voice…that still small voice that tells you how to get yourself into environments that promote health and help you to be able to hear things with clarity of mind. Nobody has control over your health but you,” Steve reminds us.Thoughts held in mind reproduce in like-kind. -Steve Q Wiltshire

What Else?

Always read ingredients on labels to make sure you’re putting pure things into your body, because even supplements have toxins in them that we may not be aware of, like Steve found out the hard way. “Sweat ever day,” says Steve. This rids the body of poisons, and you can do this by sitting in a sauna or working out at the gym. Sitting in a hot tub also helps you to sweat.
Cut out most of the sugar you eat, and “go green” whenever you can. Plastics are another common toxin Americans are subjected to on a daily basis…use glass and higher quality plastics that don’t enter your body over time.

“Listen to your body,” says Steve. “Get tapped in to your body and mind, and as you do, you will become better and better at receiving inspiration and knowing how to take care of yourself.”
Steve goes light on animal proteins, and water is critical to his daily routine. Drinking half your weight every day in ounces is the bare minimum when it comes to our water needs. Really focus in on the challenge of detoxing and getting healthier for 2 weeks at a time…this is called “Going Narrow.” Be critically aware of every ingredient in every supplement you use…always buy the best.

“Necessity Inspires Change”

Fast-forward three decades, and the new Steve not only love his body, but has learned to treasure the relationships he has built with others… and himself. “Everyone can do this,” says the man who has paid the price to go through the struggle himself.


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