Restoring Your Health Through Detoxing, Gut Health & Mindset with Steve Q Wiltshire

Steve Q. Wiltshire has been in the fitness, health & mindset world for 3 decades. After winning the Mr. Oregon Body Building Competition, Steve developed an autoimmune disease that originated from a serious gut complication that almost ruined his health. 

A variety of experts failed him, but after 18 months Steve healed himself by following the philosophy and wellness practices taught by the Hypocrites Institute in Southern Florida. 

Through Steve’s journey, he has developed a process that has led him to assisting thousands of people how to reclaim their health & power! Steve is a Keynote Speaker, Author and Mindset Coach and the founder of Body Temple Health & Wellness.

When did your fitness journey start?

I was brought up by a father who was semi-pro and he did phenomenal in sports in college. On the other hand, I was not the athletic one in the family and I had this pressure to be that throughout my childhood. 

Ironically I ended up becoming this very successful entrepreneur at 19. There was a time where I was at this entrepreneur convention with about 16,000 participants in the audience and Patricia Fripp was the Keynote speaker. She looked at the audience and said, “I have 3 minutes with you and I have a question for you. What are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of?” I remember writing down that I hate my body. From that experience I made the decision to come home before my reunion and get in shape in 6 months.

Esteem is an internal process –it’s loving yourself, liking how you think, loving how you handle conflict, loving the decisions you make regardless of the pressure around you. Esteem is basically defined by you. Ironically my esteem developed from the external to the internal through a period of time.

I ended up hiring this trainer and one thing I learned was the power of focus. Once I had gotten in great shape in this short period of time, I noticed that my income increased and my focus increased. I continued on this path until I was hit with an autoimmune condition.

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Was there any signs leading up to the autoimmune condition?

I was 44 years old at that point and everyone who had known me viewed me as modeling perfect or ideal health, mentally, spiritually, physically. Everything that I was doing I thought was great at the time. There were no signs leading up to this autoimmune disease. 

I was at a vegan restaurant with my son at the time and all of a sudden I became extremely bloated, feeling like I needed to go to urgent care. When I went to my doctor the next day and got blood work done, I appeared to be normal and everything looked tremendous which was bad news because I needed to know what was happening with me. 

When you know something is wrong and your bloodwork comes back normal, you’re in the midst of manifesting a disease and that is the time where you are in the grace period. In the grace period, you can make choices so that you don’t have to manifest that. The good news was that my son’s mom had been on a journey of healing herself from 3rd stage breast cancer with no chemo, radiation or surgery, and ended up healing herself not once, but twice. So, when I got sick she was the first place I went to and she led me down this healing journey.

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She grew up thinking cancer was a normal thing because of the history it had on the majority of her family, and we often manifestwhat we think. Thoughts held in mind reproduce in like-kind. Where the mind goes we often follow. Limiting beliefs become our true north. Whatever it is we believe, we often manifest. I’m a mindset coach and have worked with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and it has been life changing watching them diminish these limiting beliefs, making a huge impact on thousands to millions of people, all by elevating their mindset. 

After I shifted from doctors to healers, I realized I had this autoimmune disease which was celiacs. It is so important to get bloodwork done every 6 months, if not every 3 months and be so in tune with your body. When you are listening to you body, you’re going to realize that you’re guided by it. 

Morning Quiet Time

No one gets my morning but my creator. Even in these 70, 80, 90 hour weeks that I’ve had while launching a new coaching program, I still take that time in the morning to meditate and read affirmations that I want to train my body to think. 

We all have four commonalities: physical, relational, spiritual and financial/career. When you start to train your brain how to think, you start noticing that your yeses become clear and your no’s become clear.  

When you start to notice your ability to listen to that still small voice, you’re guided every single minute. 

Gut Health

What I learned from this whole process is that 70% of what I believe got me sick was supplementation and these radical meal plans. 

After I competed I stayed on those supplements that had all these toxins and stimulants in them and after two years of doing that, I contracted the autoimmune condition. 

What I didn’t know at the time is that depression and anxiety is tied to the gut and I had a tremendous amount of anxiety that I did not show. 

The simple steps in taking control of your overall health are: sweat everyday, diminish sugar, go green.

“Enjoy the journey, stay in the process. I will eventually arrive at my ideal outcome. When I go south of my commitments, I will re-commit. “

Take Charge of Your Health

I have two questions that I love to ask people when they’re going through health challenges. My second favorite question is, tell me about your ideal health –6 months, a year, 2 years, 3 years? What else? How about this? What would it feel like? What would it look like? 

But, my very favorite question is, what don’t you want to deal with in 3, 5, 10 years? If you could have the worst diagnosis, that would make life not worth living, what would it be? 

It’s so easy to think in this short time that we have, that our bodies are going to be sustainable till the end. Your family and the people around you are affected by your choices, your career, your finances. You want to think long haul like Betty White. Make choices today that affect the life that you’ll live tomorrow.


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