Secrets of the Self Made with Health and Life Coach Tracy Pleschourt

No pressure here, but when was the last time you saw someone who was “the whole package”?

You know the type–confident, spiritual, friendly, smart, intuitive, fit, and surprisingly humble. These rare individuals don’t need to flaunt their status in the world because their achievements don’t define them–they are a natural result of who they are. We have 77.28 years to live, and it’s our job to make sure we do it right.

Tracy Pleschourt, “Secrets of the Self-Made” podcaster host and Founder and Director of “Self-Made U” helps men and women create wealth and wellness through life coaching and the invaluable experience of one who left the corporate world to make a real difference.

Change is Hard

Let’s face it. Some people are in a daily quest of growth, while others are content to ride along on their past seasons of prosperity of all varieties. Both have their place and should be commended. Even the best marathon runners take time off.

But what about those who are perpetually looking for what Tracy calls the “abundant life”?

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“We’re all about mental health alongside metabolic health, because without one of those, you’re not going to live an abundant, expansive life.” The emotional and physical are so closely tied together, that thankfully, one influences the other. We can slay 2 giants at the same time, essentially.

When on the road to abundance, Tracy reminds us, we need to get to the bottom of what triggers our less-than-constructive behaviors. (3:30)

*Not understanding why we are making destructive choices cultivates a never-ending catch-22 of failure.

*Taking personal responsibility for our failures is the first step to reverse-engineering those bad habits.

*Physical and emotional feelings intertwined in our habits must be recognized and used to our advantage.

*Dave points out that emotions come first, and determine the decisions we make if we don’t control them.

Primitive Vs. Prodigy Brain

“We all have that primitive part of our brains that is very reactive to any sort of unwanted feelings. If we’re not being intentional, we create unintentional results.”

*Our brain’s job is to keep us safe when we’re in danger, but we often overreact in everyday situations.

*Emotional rewards of happiness, worthiness, and success are often available to us now–not the fruit of the finish line. (9:30)

*Our emotions are created internally, not forced upon us by outside sources.

*In other words, we are constantly in pursuit of a feeling, so the question becomes, “How can I create that feeling for myself right now?”

Where Do We Begin?

Dave pointed out how vitally important it is for his clients to know why they want to effect change in their lives. The first question Tracy asks her students is “Where are you at right now?” In other words, what experiences are they creating for themselves in this moment of time?

The Prodigy brain considers facts, logic, and strategy without the drama that almost always accompanies the primitive brain. Think of it as a constant reality check going on inside your head.

“We have to know what we want before we can change our habits for the better. Most people don’t even know what they want. I realized that even I sometimes don’t have a ready answer to that question,” says Dave.

*Taking the time to pause and ask ourselves what we want in the context of physical, social, emotional, and professional areas helps us come to understanding and more self-acceptance. (18:00)

*Self-acceptance through these moments of clarity results in happiness and a sense of direction and purpose, says Tracy.

*Becoming aware of our wants without judging ourselves too harshly inspires movement towards our desires.

The 2 Silos of Success

Tracy helps many people with metabolic health (resulting in weight loss) as well as goal achievement (via increased mental health). “Interesting enough, one often leads to improvement in the other.” These 2 pillars of growth are the starting line for everyone in the hierarchy of change.

*Financial goal-setting begins with getting rid of feelings of scarcity–the “It’s not enough” way of thinking about your current situation.

*Creating a Playbook to reach your goals starts with confronting the beliefs that you’re operating from, and ultimately the feelings that those beliefs generate.

*That is what’s going to ‘check the boxes’ when you start your journey towards the abundant life.

Tracy begins her coaching with each client taking a mental health assessment, “because we know that anxiety and stress can be barriers to the concepts we teach.”


Learn more about Tracy’s successful program at, and be sure to take the short quizzes to determine your superpowers, and how to use those superpowers.

Even the best of the best have a coach. We have never “arrived,” in reality, so why not learn how to grow a little faster? “I too have a coach that helps me see my own mind, that helps me to hear things that I don’t even realize I’m saying. We are human, and we all have our blind spots.”

Nice to know that even those who we might consider the “whole package” are still finding ways to grow and improve. Like that proverbial pebble thrown into a pond, the influence we can all have on one another has no bounds.

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