Discover Your Quantum Nature with Drs. Shimizu and Perez

The amount of health knowledge out there can feel pretty overwhelming, especially when you’re first looking. Dr. Isabel Perez and Dr. Jyun Shimizu have 5 conscious actions that everyone can do to take control of their health- and they’re super easy to follow! ISAMIZU is the intersection of Eastern and Western medicine, geared toward sharing health knowledge with all. Listen to this fantastic interview below, or keep reading to hear the highlights!

What is ISAMIZU?

ISAMIZU is a way for us to provide health knowledge on a global scale. We both graduated from Quantum University, where we could use technology to research traditional techniques and their effectiveness. This knowledge is important to share, but not just through word of mouth. For this reason, we use ISAMIZU to share this knowledge with everyone easily. Besides sharing about our 5 Conscious Actions, we have information about emotions, self-isolation, improving your immune system. Since we both come from medical backgrounds, we are both passionate about combining Eastern and Western medicinal techniques and making this knowledge available to people around the world.

What are the 5 ISAMIZU Conscious Actions?

Conscious Breathing

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Specifically, awareness of how many seconds it takes to inhale and exhale. Most Americans take about 8 seconds per breath, but this activates your sympathetic nervous system and can actually choke your blood vessels. As a result, our blood pressure increases. Temporarily that’s okay, but our bodies aren’t meant to breathe that way long term. Conscious breathing with at least 4 seconds in and 8 seconds out allows you to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. This then has a calming effect and allows for all of your organs to work effectively.


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There are many diets and beliefs, but according to Ayurveda, we all have different body types. There are three main body types, so depending on your body type, there are diets and activities that are good to stick to. We have resources on our website that tell you which body type you have, and what your body type needs. Conscious nutrition is recognizing what foods your body loves and feeding it well.

Similarly, with blood types, different blood types have different criteria. For example, those with an O blood type are carnivores. So their body will naturally crave animal protein more. All of these things contribute to why one person may do very well with a certain diet, but another person won’t.

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Conscious Hydration

Our body is comprised mainly of water. So intracellular and extracellular hydration is very important. Conscious hydration means being aware of not only your hydration, but how much water your body needs, how often you should drink, and more.

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Our necessary water amount will be different amounts depending on your body type, diet, and activity level. The quality of the water is important as well because water can memorize. Studies find that the more you say positive words such as love, compassion, and gratitude, the structure of the water is affected positively. For this reason, you can say a small prayer before drinking water. 


Our bodies are constantly working, even when we go to sleep they are still working. There are certain times during the day that certain organs are functioning, so we recommend following the circadian rhythm. We need to give our organs enough nutrition and rest so those organs can work better. Conscious rest is taking the time your body needs to recover, and not pushing it out of its bounds. Therefore, try to go to bed around 10:00 PM or 10:30 PM and try to wake up around 6:00 AM. That is usually the perfect schedule for our bodies.

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This can be experienced through meditation as well. Practicing mindfulness throughout the day is very beneficial, but it is also important to find time to be still. We are constantly moving from one thing to the next, so we need to find time to sit and observe ourselves. Experiencing that silence and being mindful is very rejuvenating.

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We are electrical beings with energy, and energy likes to move. So movement with music, or dancing, is extremely important. For instance, there are studies that say that those who live the longest are those who dance. Conscious movement is being aware of your movement and being purposeful, as well as finding what you like best. So we recommend looking into your dosha type and finding out what type of movement your body likes. Generally, walking in nature combined with conscious breathing will be amazing for all body types.

How can we use this knowledge?

We want to become the best version of ourselves. But besides using these 5 Conscious Actions to help our own health, we need to start sharing this information with young people. We see them as teenagers and children now, but they are the future of this world. With every health issue that an adult faces, we can see how it might be avoidable in the future. So teaching children and young people how to take care of their minds and bodies will help them lead more fulfilling lives as well.

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Dr. Isabel Perez is an integrative dentist with over 20 years of experience. She promotes comprehensive oral health. In other words, knowing the connection between oral health and general health. She believes that the mouth reflects the overall wellness and focus on natural health and energy healing, utilizing her Reiki Master skills to support her patients. While researching for her Doctorate and Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine, Dr. Perez discovered that patients have better results when the treatment combines the best therapies of western and eastern medicine.

Dr. Jyun (like June) Shimizu was inspired by his family’s values of compassion, a balanced diet, and natural healing in Japan. He pursued Traditional Chinese Medicine, following his family background. Later, he expanded his knowledge to homeopathy, holistic medicine, and the Bio-energetic field. Dr. Shimizu then worked on integrating all aspects of medicine and healing into his practice. Currently, he is pursuing conscious medicine utilizing the Philosophy of Quantum Physics and how true integration of mind, body, and soul applies to our health & well-being.

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