The Secrets of Dirty Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is all the rage right now. But, what exactly constitutes a fast? Can you eat ANYTHING during the fasted state? What about drinks? Supplements?

Welcome to Dirty Intermittent Fasting!

Listen in as Dave Sherwin, certified fitness nutrition coach, and celebrity trainer Lisa G make some great suggestions that will take your intermittent fasting, and your health and wellness, to a whole new level!

Intermittent Fasting Works

First off, Dave and Lisa discuss intermittent fasting compared to longer fasts, like 3-7 days. (first 3 minutes or so of the audio) Neither of them are fans, although that doesn’t mean they aren’t good for some people. However both find that personally speaking they maintain their ideal body weight and are in great shape just from consistent daily intermittent fasting.

“I’m not into long term fasting… to be honest it usually backfires on me. I don’t feel good when I exercise, I find myself wanting to binge on junk, it just throws me off. I like the 24 hour cycle of just eating in an 8 hour window every day and I feel like I’m in great health, it does well for me. I don’t feel like i need to do longer fasts.” -Dave

If the goal for most of us is a healthy, fit body sporting 12-15% body fat for men, 15-20% for women, then read on! You can  hit that goal using intermittent fasting, one of the 7 principles of the Dirobi UnDiet.

The Dirty Secrets to Intermittent Fasting

“Suffering is not necessary during intermittent fasting.” -Lisa G.

1. Drink water! Lay Out All of Your Water First Thing in the Morning.  Each of us needs to drink half of our weight in ounces each and every day.  This can include water or your favorite non-calorie beverage.  Add a little healthy fat into your hot breakfast drink, and voila!  Now your fat- soluble vitamins are on their way to helping your body and brain function at the highest level.



What Amy Harrison has to say about Dirobi Core Pack | Multivitamin & Minerals

Love this stuff! I love how simple it is to take the multivitamin and minerals together and know that my basic nutrition needs are covered. I feel a lot more energy and confidence knowing my body is getting what it needs. As a busy mom, the simplicity is so awesome!

2. Supplements to take during your fasting window.

Some supplement instructions advise to take with food. However, when the right collection of supplements are taken together, they accomplish the dietary equivalent of taking with a meal. More on that in a minute.

Why take your supplements first thing in the morning?

  • The supplement stack can act as a mini-meal, giving vital nutrients, energy boosters, and deficiency fillers from the moment you wake up.
  • Some supplements act over a 24 hour period, so are best taken on 12 hour increments. Mimi’s Miracle Turmeric is an example. The Curcuminoids that help with inflammation and reduced joint pain last about 12 hours. So taking them first thing in the morning, then with dinner, is better than taking them with food at say, 10 AM, then again at 6 PM with dinner, which is only an 8 hour window.
  • Only a few supplements require food in order to avoid stomach issues, and sometimes the supplement company is just protecting itself because a few people have sensitive stomachs. Try taking your supplement stack together, and chances are you will not experience any stomach pain. If you do, you can also do some experimentation to determine which supplement causes the problem, and then just take that one with your first meal.
  • Nootropics are best taken first thing in the morning as well.  Who doesn’t need a brain boost at 6 am?
  • Take an omega with your stack. Dave takes our Pureform Omegas because they are plant based. But whether you take fish or plant based Omegas, they provide the fat necessary to digest the fat soluble vitamins such as A and E.Dave’s stack, or mini-meal that he takes first thing in the morning includes these:
    Mimi’s Miracle Multi
    Mimi’s Miracle Minerals
    Pureform Omegas
    Eat Anything Rx (prebiotic, probiotic, enzymes)
    Mimi’s Miracle Turmeric (To combat joint pain and inflammation naturally)
    -Glucosamine Chondroitin. (From Costco)
    Mimi’s Miracle Glutathione
    -All washed down with a natural energy drink and mind booster called Focus Up.
    -Later in the morning Dave also takes a Greens Powder to provide the power of veggies, without a meal that would break the fast. He also adds Psyllium Husk powder to it for improved digestion.

3. Bullet Proof Coffee

Lisa uses coffee, MCT oil, cinnamon and stevia for a morning “dirty fasting” drink. It provides energy from caffeine and fats from the oil, antioxidants in the cinnamon, and it tastes great!

“The goal is to not feel hungry! Sometimes during intermittent fasting you get hungry… suffering isn’t necessary. Stay hydrated… add some flavor to it, add some fat, add your supplements.

4. “Reframe your mindset around fasting and don’t make it hard.” Lisa.

Keep in mind that as you put your body into a fasting state for 14-16 hours, it’s a lot easier than you think!  Most of these hours are spent sleeping, resting, or getting a good workout in before you break your fast…simple.  (Yes, it’s a great idea to work out while you’re fasting for extra burn!) Intermittent Fasting is not meant to be a hardship, but a useful hack to lose weight faster and put our cells into repair mode.  When cells are turning inward to fix themselves, this ends up reversing the aging process!

Intermittent Fasting really is a superpower!  Who doesn’t want to look younger, fitter and save some money that would have otherwise been spent on late-night eating!  Count us in!


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