The Magic of Collagen with Charlie Bailes

Charles Bailes is the CEO & founder of CB Supplements, a company specializing in helping people thrive with multi-collagen protein products. He claims collagen can help people solve various health issues from joint recovery and productivity to even sleeping better at night. The Magic of Collagen with Charlie Bailes

What brought you to be a thought leader in the collagen space?

Once you become a dad, your responsibility on health and responsibility completely changes which is what happened with me.


If it weren’t for my 8 year old and her health journey there would be no supplements. 


When she was a baby there was a lot of trips to the doctors, a lot of antibiotics, a couple of hospital visits that all was not fun. When you have a 106 fever and a respiratory virus and you’re wondering if your kid is going to stop breathing or something.


After enough of that and following what all the doctors said to do, my wife and I said enough. We then dove into researching and tried to figure out what was going on ourselves. That just led us down to this world of naturopathic health and the idea that food is medicine. 


We’ve made a ton of changes since then and now our 8 year old is in really good health.


Collagen wasn’t the key but it was a huge piece to the puzzle.

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The Backstory of Collagen

We’re the supplement company that will tell you that you can get collagen from food in your diet and you don’t have to buy our product.

Though, in today’s world it’s not as easy to consume collagen from food. That’s why we have a supplement to make it easier. 


This company was created to be given to a 3 year old kid that was mine. I’m not going to sell a product that I won’t take myself. 



Why Collagen?


Joints are a type of collagen and that holds everything together. The inside of your intestinal line and blood vessels, the connective tissue that’s holding your nerves in place are all made of collagen.


Our bodies are really good at manufacturing collagen themselves through what we feed it, though when you get to be about 25-30 years old, depending on the individual, that production starts to slightly decrease. And when you get to your 60’s and 70’s it dramatically decreases production year by year.


So what should you do? You should consume more of it!


The Magic of Collagen As a 34 year old I am in better shape physically than I was when I was 22 because my diet is on point and I’m supplementing it with a ton of collagen. I can do things now that I use to not be able to do.


Yes, collagen is the beauty factor of hair, skin, nails, but it’s also going to repair your digestion system, strengthen your immune system and then help your joints. 


When the body is given this, it stimulates the process of fixing and repairing. 

CB Supplement’s Mission

I don’t want to take people’s money. We want to help people get healthy and we’re doing it.


It’s our mission to help people get healthy. It’s not our mission to just sell product.


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