Using Qigong as a Fulfilling and Effective Health Strategy With Tevia Feng

If your fitness program or meditation practice isn’t as fulfilling or rewarding as it could be, it could be time for a change!

Tevia Feng is the founder of White Tiger Qigong, and demystifies this ancient art, presenting it as a path for health and increased well being. He is on a mission to help people transform and maximize their potential, and increase global healing.

He has practiced Qigong since he was 7 years old, and is now a respected master of the discipline with 3 books in multiple languages. Founder of White Tiger Qigong, he is on a mission to help people transform and maximize their potential, and increase global healing through Qigong, which can be used as a fulfilling, effective health strategy for people of all backgrounds and abilities.

The Reason Why Tevia Doesn’t Show his Face Using Qigong as a Fulfilling and Effective Health Strategy

Years ago when I joined Taoist I made an agreement to never become famous or promote myself but rather promote the art of Qigong instead.

My mission is to promote the art of Qigong through white tiger Qigong.


Where Tevia Is From and How He Got Into Qigong

I was born and raised in the US and I was born with a chronic illness. My father didn’t want me to be on medication my whole life so he introduced me to a master through Qigong on how to strengthen my organs, my body, and concentrate my mind. I preserved through that practice.

Fast forward, when I was about 19 I was in a brutal car accident. The doctors told me I would have to have surgery on my spine and there was no way around it. I went to my master and I said I don’t want to have surgery but I don’t know what else to do. He told me to try a simple Qigong exercise so I did it for 5-10 minutes a day. 4 years later I have a supple spine. My spine is in better shape than most people I know half my age. 

That was really a testament to how powerful Qigong is.


When Tevia Got Started in His Own Practice

I was asked to go to China to work at my master’s free Qigong clinic, treating patients. My first patient was in his 70’s and was dying of liver cancer. He couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t smile and was really miserable and suffering. Within 3 days of practicing medical ​​Qigong exercises with him he was able to eat, sleep and was smiling. 

That’s when I knew right then that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. It was so rewarding to be with someone who is suffering and be able to help show them the way to lift them out of their suffering, which hit me in the heart really deeply. 


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The Programs Offered Through White Tiger Qigong

We have two different programs. We have an emotional balance program and a body balance program. You have Qigong to balance the emotions to really destress and you have Qigong to balance the body, such as aches and pains. Those are the main reasons people start with Qigong.

 Qigong is one of my favorite things for myself to deal with all the turmoil in life. It has been the backbone for being able to cope with all of these stresses and emotions. Without it I don’t know where I’d be today. Using Qigong as a Fulfilling and Effective Health Strategy


Background of Qigong

There are 3,000 kinds of Qigong that are documented that we know of. Within those 3,000 kinds there are 5 main branches.

The 5 main branches are Taoist, Confusionist, Medical, Martial, and Buddhist Qigong.

White Tiger Qigong is under Taoist Qigong. Taoist also has different branches. You have religious Taoism and you have natural Taoism. In natural Taoism nature is the true hierarchy and is based on natural principles. 

For example, the 5 elements, water, fire, earth, air, metal, wood are all within us and our organs are related to different elements. We are on the microcosm of the macrocosm.

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Are you seeing more western thinking people take an interest in the more ancient eastern arts like you’re practicing?

Absolutely, this has become a more common trend now worldwide. In these times of crisis people are turning to ancient wisdom to figure out how to navigate through this. I’ve found it to be more applicable now than ever before. 

Part of what you’re doing seems to be a moving meditation, is that correct?

That’s absolutely correct. The entire thing is a mindfulness practice. We have this sort of meditation and movement. It takes a lot of interoceptive awareness; feeling what’s happening in the eternal body, within yourself. It really forces you to concentrate on what’s happening in that very moment within you and feeling how your body is moving in space. 

Then we go into a still Qigong meditation. The difference between a Qigong meditation and regular meditation is that we have a specific intention in the meditation. We use visualization coupled with breathing. You harmonize the breath and the body, and the movement of the body or the stillness of the body. Then you harmonize that with the intention which comes from the spirit. Body, breath, spirit is our mantra that we live by. 

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How can people practice who don’t have a physical school nearby? 

White Tiger Qigong is currently one of the largest online academies in the world for Qigong. We have 50,000-60,000 members and 70+ instructors. 

I worked with educational experts to create the most comprehensive university style curriculum that we could put online. 

What’s unique about the academy is that we fused cutting edge science with the ancient art of Qigong. We break down what might be intangible concepts into something that is tangible and something someone can learn and really grasp. A lot of Qigong out there might seem to be a little woo woo, even to me.


I’ve studied over 50 different styles of Qigong and what I found was that there were only a few that were really going to bring me efficient, effective, tangible results quickly. I isolated these 3 different forms of Qigong and I trained in them for a long, long time and have now created a really beautiful online curriculum. Using Qigong as a Fulfilling and Effective Health Strategy

In my opinion, your body can either be heaven or it can be hell. I want my body to be heaven in this lifetime.


This is a daily practice?

Yes, this is a practice that you can use in your daily life. It starts to actually integrate into your entire life. You can use this practice anytime you have an emotional imbalance like when you start to have excessive anxiety or worry, or anger. You have this practice as a tool to connect with that emotion and feel it. 

We don’t tell people to ignore the emotion or suppress it. We connect with it and then release it. Then we can reprogram ourselves with the antidote emotion; the emotion that’s going to be healthy for us in that moment. 

This practice integrates with your whole life. I might have a day where I’m really stressed and I might need to do Qigong multiple times that day just to keep in balance. What happens is, you reset the nervous system. You start to master your own nervous system. 


Qigong for Stress Management

We use cognitive restructuring in Qigong. Oftentimes we’re actually avoiding the emotion and that actually makes it worse. We connect and feel that emotion and feel where it’s physically living in our body. That brings interoceptive awareness and that brings mindfulness.

Now we’re at a stage where we’re mindful enough that we can actually release it. We release it through an exhalation and the mind, and maybe through a movement. You breathe in and let it out and when you feel ready, you bring in the anecdote emotion and connect to that. Then we bring in the natural elements which are all very healing for the soul.


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