A New Paradigm for Improved Health With Dr. Patrick Flynn

Q:  What if a medical expert told you that the current medical healthcare system will never help you reach your peak health?

A:  True. Our medical community spends most of their career treating symptoms of disease…not helping patients become resistant to it. 

Doctors have an important, undeniable role in our world. Modern medical advancements have extended our lifespans from 40 years to 80+ years in the past century alone. We are grateful for those doctors and nurses who help bring our children into the world, mend our broken bones, and preach the dangers of smoking cigarettes and taking illegal drugs. We will always need good doctors and nurses, and pharmacists.

By and large, however, medical doctors “put out fires” and spend way too little time teaching the world how to insulate against those flames to begin with, says Dr. Patrick Flynn.

Burning Down the House

Dr. Flynn speaks from experience as one who was let down by the current medical system as a youth.  “I wasn’t even a doctor yet at age 24, and I met a beautiful young lady who told me she couldn’t have children.  The doctors were really trying to help her, but there was no good end in sight.”  Dr. Flynn struggled as a child with various gut/brain connected issues that were never diagnosed properly until he found answers on his own time.Fast forward 20 years, and Dr. Flynn and his love, Sochi, now have 4 beautiful daughters!  This journey set up an opportunity to uncover truths that would change the lives of thousands of patients who have visited Dr. Flynn’s now over 100 clinics.  He must be doing something right.

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Firemen and Carpenters

“Most people just want to be healthy, but our current health care system will never help you accomplish that. The medical system is like the fire department.  If someone has cancer or heart disease, that’s like the fire, and they’ll use axes and hoses to put it out as fast as they can.  Axes and hoses are like drugs and surgery.”But even if you survive the fire, the doctors and nurses don’t help you find out what caused the fire to begin with, and they don’t do anything to help you “rebuild your house,” says Dr. Flynn. “They leave you with a burned down house, and even worse, they say, ‘We’re going to dump water on your burned down house for the rest of your life.’  Medication, sadly, is a very long-term commitment.(4:45)”Carpenter Doctors” help you build your health from the ground up.  Dr. Flynn has built his health construction business.
Construction is truly booming.  “When you build a strong house, no matter what virus comes in, you can kick it out like a cold.”  Dr. Flynn and his offices specialize in finding the starter fires
ss up from one office in Green Bay to over 100 all over the country.
before they burn out of control.

For instance….

  • Breast cancer rates continue to increase year after year.  Currently there are limited treatments consisting of radiation, chemo, and surgery.
  • Preventing breast cancer begins by testing hormone levels and balancing out estrogen dominance.  Other dietary and lifestyle adjustments can greatly reduce breast cancer, including exercising more, eating healthier, losing extra pounds, sleep well, don’t smoke, limit alcohol, and avoid hormone therapies…which actually increases the rate of breast cancer.

“We don’t have a health care system.  We have a disease management system.  Follow the money.”
The money follows disease treatment, not disease prevention. (8:00)

Estrogen- What a Woman Wants

Come to find out, estrogen is not a single hormone, but a term that describes many hormones, each with a different purpose.
  • Most women do not receive test results covering the range of estrogens, which is critical to diagnose health issues.
  • Blood, urine, and other physical flags must be tested to determine estrogen imbalance.
  • Estrogen effects almost every tissue of a woman’s body.(15:00)
  • 1 out of 3 couples has fertility problems now, mostly due to estrogen imbalance.

Analysis Exposes Functionality

Figuring out how well the liver, heart, gut, and virtually all systems of the body are functioning, traces back to the “Three T’s”, says Dr. Flynn:  Trauma, Toxins, and Thoughts.

  • Lab results can expose a person’s stress levels by showing raised levels of certain hormones like cortisol. (19:45).
    • Managing that stress is an individual process, but almost always can be improved using breathing techniques, posture and positive self-talk.  (22:00)
  • Adrenaline:  While having fewer triggers than cortisol, adrenaline is usually deployed into our bodies in response to extreme and urgent conditions.  It breaks down very quickly after the trigger subsides, and normal heart rate and breathing return.
  • Cortisol:  Often triggered by sugar intake, cortisol mobilizes those sugars into the bloodstream.  It can throw off the proper levels secreted by the adrenal glands, and lead to adrenal fatigue.  Cortisol also regulates our sleep cycles.  Cortisol is more manageable that adrenaline, and is controlled by reduced sugar intake and avoiding Statin drugs and antibiotics.  Women are more affected by stress than men, which is due to the fact that women produce much more progesterone, the hormone that facilitates the production of cortisol.


“Men are meant to handle a lot of stress,” says Dr. Flynn, “and women are not.”

Deep breathing techniques and exercise are excellent stress management tools.

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Menopause Mysteries

“Menopause is not a disease, it’s a stage of life.”  Hot flashes, low bone density and moodiness are not inevitable!  In fact, it’s easier to keep a woman healthy and vibrant during menopause than it is during the cyclic years, according to Dr. Flynn.  This is due to the evening out of hormones, similar to the way testosterone stays relatively even in men well into their older years.(30:35)

Universal Advice

According to the experts, including Dr. Flynn, most people are mineral and nutrient deficient.  “You just can’t get them from plants alone,” so apple cider vinegar before each meal, as well as adding organ meats to your weekly diet are highly recommended!  Who knew liver would come back into health fashion?

It’s time to start building your house from the ground up! No more fire extinguishers hiding in every corner, “just in case.” With a strong, fire resistant framework, your health will only need a few updates now and then!

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